No. 1 - A New Beginning

Hello and welcome to INFKNIT Apparel’s first ever blog post! 

As you may have seen through social media INFKNIT in the past few months has been making a significant amount of changes. With those changes being made we have done a lot of research on ways we can connect with our client base further and become more than just another clothing brand. From now on INFKNIT will be working toward posting regular blog posts updating our followers and consumers on what we are working on as a team, our branding, current aesthetics, how to style our clothes as well as what you can do to contribute to the sustainability/green movement as a consumer. 

To kick things off we would like to introduce our new and improved INFKNIT team! Jackie Smythe one of the co-founders of INFKNIT. Jackie is the powerhouse of the team being INFKNIT’s CEO and Creative Director managing; merchandising, accounting, team management and legal directives. She is majoring in Supply Chain Management and minoring in Entrepreneurship with a concentration in sustainability. Her favorite part about working for INFKNIT is designing with Soft Goods Detroit! Her style is described as posh, a mix of elegant and trendy. Jackie visualizes versatile and sustainable fashion as the new black and is excited to take part in a fashion revolution. She can’t wait to bring versatile apparel to all closets and is thrilled for what the future holds.

Olivia Miller is another one of INFKNIT’s co-founders from the very beginning. Olivia and Jackie met in Costa Rica on a study abroad and that is how the idea of INFKNIT came to be. Olivia is INFKNIT’s COO, managing all customer outreach, communication and packaging related systems. Olivia is pursuing a major in business management with a minor in retail management at MSU. Her style is classic with a twist. Olivia always looks chic and put together but always adds her own personal touch to it. 

Phoebe Moll is the rookie of the team and the newest member. While she may not be one of the original co-founders of INFKNIT, she’s been around since the beginning stages. Jackie and Olivia met Phoebe through Michigan State’s very own entrepreneurship program as she helped them find their vision and build their kickstarter video. Phoebe is a studio art major with concentrations in Photography and Ceramics. She is INFKNIT’s CMO and Creative Director, leading the way for all things regarding advertising, graphic design, photography and anything needed in the creative realm. Phoebe’s style is a blend of vintage and industrial workwear. She is always on the hunt for things she can wear more than one way and will hold up in all scenarios.

With these three at the head of INFKNIT Apparel, the company is progressing further than it ever has before, researching and always looking at ways to better themselves as well as INFKNIT. INFKNIT has been building ways to be a sustainably motivated company as well as be able to market their clothes as streetwear for all users. INFKNIT wants to provide a way for consumers to shop smart, and contribute to the slow fashion movement. These three want to maximize your time and minimize your closet space by bringing versatile sustainable apparel to you.

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