No.3 - Women On Topp

Lately INFKNIT has been working hard on growth and exposure. As our cute little company continues to expand and mature our exposure level has continued to increase. We recently hit over 1100 followers on instagram and are being featured by a variety of other brands, companies and clients. Our most recent article was published by Women on Topp interviewed INFKNIT’s co-founder and CEO Jackie Smythe about the origins, importance and future mission of INFKNIT. INFKNIT’s team is continuously pushing for INFKNIT to be more than just a clothing line, we want it to be a brand connected with a message that deserves to be vocalized and seen. As mentioned in the Women On Topp article, “And while there’s no such thing as “eco-friendly clothing” — i.e. all garments have at least some negative impact on the environment”. Women On Topp stated everything perfectly, “INFKNIT Apparel Inc.’s goal with its products is to make them easily transitional so you can go from class to a professional setting to social outings. This saves time and eliminates the extra time needed to run home and INFKNIT Apparel Inc. aims to create pieces that allow the consumer to easily alter their look for any occasion that is thrown their way. All their products are built with sustainable fabric and made to order to reduce waste. Their overall mission is to minimize the average closet without compromising variety while remaining environmentally conscious.”

With this message our team is constantly looking at ways to further expand on this. Our company is young and so is our team, and INFKNIT’s team is looking to utilize that in the age of technology. Not to mention in this day and age many people’s worlds incorporate their social media whether it’s what they look at when they wake up and drink their coffee in the morning or what they browse through before bed. INFKNIT wants to be there to provide you with alternatives to maximize your time, but also speak to you about conscious waste reduction and how you can do your part. 

Along with Jackie’s discussion of INFKNIT’s mission, she briefly went over what it’s like to be such a young entrepreneur. “Failure moves the entrepreneur one step closer to success.” as said in the article, in itself explains the process of starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur. By failing you are learning, growing and propelling yourself further forward. The INFKNIT team is always emphasizing our growth whether we make a mistake, hit a roadblock or something works exactly as planned.

Being featured by Women On Topp was a great experience for the INFKNIT team and we are hoping it is the first of many as our little company continues to grow. We want to continue connecting with other brands and companies to help promote exposure on this great journey.

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