No. 7 Back2Back Relaunch & Restock

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” -Leonardo da Vinci 

There’s a certain simplicity that we love about our new fall products. The neutral tones, thermal organic cotton, and unisex designs combine to create wardrobe staples that look good on everyone. But our favorite thing about our new products? Versatility. The Back2Back serves as the perfect layering piece for crisp fall days, yet it’s stylish enough to throw on with a pair of jeans and head out for a day on the town. Our new beanie can be worn as it is for a slouchy, fall look, or it can be rolled up for a cozier, snug fit to keep you warm in the winter snow. And our reversible mask, sold in Grey/Canvas and Black/Green, will have you looking sharp while keeping Ms. Coronavirus at bay.  

INFKNIT Reversible Long Sleeve in reversible grey/canvas

When we first launched our Back2Back in November 2019, it was only a dream that we would completely sell out. After months of wearing the Back2Back in the Black and Green combination, we decided that the next production of the Back2Back deserved a refresh. And so, the Back2Back Grey/Canvas design was born. We love all the ways that the Grey/Canvas Back2Back can be worn. Featuring two colors that match with practically everything, there are no limits to what this shirt can do. 

INFKNIT Reversible Long Sleeve Grey Side

While styling the light grey version of our shirt, we like to play with contrast. A pair of muted blue jeans and bright white sneakers stands out when paired against grey. Pairing light grey with a deep blue jacket can add balance to your outfit while keeping the attention on the intense color you want to highlight. 

INFKNIT Reversible Long Sleeve Grey Side Paired with Blue Jeans

There are very few colors that don’t go with our canvas Back2Back. Throw on the canvas Back2Back with a pair of white shorts for the ultimate beach look, or dress it with a pair of dark jeans for a more dressed up look. We love cozying up in our beige Back2Back and throwing it over a t-shirt and leggings, perfect for grabbing a coffee out with friends or doing yoga at the park.

INFKNIT Reversible Long Sleeve Canvas Side Paired with Black Jeans

Our reversible beanie, featured in a canvas and grey combo, is composed of excess fabric scraps from our Back2Back to conserve waste. As girls with lots of thick hair, we wanted to make a beanie that would fit perfectly and cover up even the worst of bedhead. Our beanie can not only be worn in two different colors, but the bottom can be folded up or down depending on what type of look you’re feeling. Fold the bottom up to show off both the canvas and grey colors, or wear it as is and enjoy the style of the extra slouch.

INFKNIT Reversible Long Sleeve Reversible Grey/Canvas

One of the products we are most excited for this fall is our mask. Over the last eight months, we’ve searched high and low for a mask that matches with our clothes while keeping us safe and healthy. While designing our mask, we wanted to keep in mind that there are many masks in the market that our customers can choose from. What we think sets our mask apart is its reversibility and sustainability.  Made from our leftover Back2Back Long Sleeve fabric to conserve waste, our mask comes in a grey/canvas and a black/green combination. We love that we can switch up the color of our mask from day to day so that even when life gets boring, you never will. 

INFKNIT Reversible Mask Black Side

Something in this blog post catch your eye? Check out to make our products part of your day to day look.

-Blog written by Katherine Smythe


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