The World is Opening Back Up, How Can You Travel Lighter?

The World is Opening Back Up, How Can You Travel Lighter? 

As the world opens back up to us lovingly, we find ourselves wanting to return to our favorite travel spots. Just because this past year has been stressful doesn’t mean packing for your next trip must be! The panicky packing the night before, weighing your suitcase hoping it doesn’t hit that 50 lbs... we’ve all been there! These feelings take away from our daily lives, especially if you are an avid traveler. You may find it difficult to be a minimalist at home but when all you have is a carry-on suitcase, you find ways to pack light. Light packing is achievable and in no time you can reap the rewards of a light bag with less stress:

Plan Ahead. Does your hotel have a hairdryer or toothbrushes available? Will there be a washer and dryer? What types of occasions are you dressing for? These are all essential questions to ask yourself before packing up for whatever destination you will be heading to next. When in doubt, call the hotel and ask! The thoughts that go along with smart packing are just as important as the physical items you will take with you. Planning ahead can be difficult especially for those of us with busy schedules, however, asking yourself these simple questions in advance can help the stress of packing wither away. 

Pack versatile clothing. A good place to start are your INFKNIT favorites. INFKNIT pieces are all reversible, so each piece is at least two in one. Not to mention many of our pieces can be styled in more than five ways. (Did we mentioned were running 20% off right now??!). Reversible clothing saves an immense amount of space but still provides all the outfits you might need. Other versatile clothing items might include a good pair of jeans or dress pants that can be styled throughout a trip. This could include your favorite blouse that can be paired with any pants or jacket!

Wear bulky and heavy items. Wear bulky and heavy items to the airport to avoid them weighing down your bag or taking too much space. Here’s an example, you are going on a trip and find out the third day it’s going to be cold and rainy. Instead of packing your hefty coat in your bag you can wear it! The plane is always cold, use it as a blanket! It’s a simple detail that encourages an easier packing experience and frees up your bag for other pieces.


Ditch the un-necessary items. There are many other unnecessary items that we bring along with us while traveling. These items can include hair tools, jewelry, extra pieces of clothing, and shoes. Of course you want to be properly prepared for your trip, however it’s common to subconsciously overpack. If you’re going on a short trip, straighten your hair the day you leave, and just bring a brush with you to calm it down in the morning instead of bringing the straightener with you. The same idea applies to jewelry, wear the jewelry you want for your trip on your flight or drive. 


Use a carry-on bag. Limit your own space by using a carryon bag. The smaller the bag, the less you can fit, thus, the less you will pack. Overpacking takes up space and energy. When you pack light, you also reap the rewards of a light bag and money saved. Unlike a checked bag, with a carry-on there’s no cost, and you avoid lugging around a heavy bag. It’s a great way to minimize space and save money.

INFKNIT is on a mission to ensure you have the perfect wardrobe for your next travel destination. We are here for you with tips, tricks, and travel friendly clothing anytime you need it! 

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