Versatility in the Wardrobe

To our fellow sustainable fashion lovers, today we’re going to talk about how to create a more versatile wardrobe. We find versatility to be the most essential aspect of building a sustainable closet with pieces suitable for any occasion. Not only does this leave us looking stylish, but owning transitional pieces also saves us money- since we don’t feel the need to purchase more clothing- and time- since we can transition a piece on the go. Below are some tips to creating a more versatile wardrobe and reworking pieces you already own.


INFKNIT Black Mask and Reversible Long Sleeve

Choose your colors wisely.

Though we love fun patterns and funky designs, we find that creating the base of your wardrobe from monochromatic colors allows for more mixing and matching in the long run. Cameo Print and Tie Dye might be “in” right now, but you can be confident that a black blazer and white button up will be as trendy in 5 years as they are now. This isn’t to say that you can’t buy wild designs,  just be mindful of how practical a clothing item might be when you buy it.


Blue Jeans, hunter boots and INFKNIT Reversible Long Sleeve

Get basic.

Investing in well-made staple wardrobe items allows for building creative outfits in the long run. We start building wardrobes with items like straight leg jeans, fitted joggers, athletic shorts, crewneck sweatshirts, a neutral colored blazer, and a good leather jacket. With the addition of a new accessories the “polished outfit” can turn into a fashion fantasy.


 Washer and Drier

Get washable.

Don’t let your wardrobe be a wash. We love a good cashmere sweater, but the thought of going to the dry cleaner every time we want to be warm and snuggly makes us cringe. The products we own that are “Dry Clean Only” tend to make us not want to wear them. Be practical when shopping for items that require “extra care.” One cashmere sweater might be doable, but an entire closet full of “Dry Clean Only” items is not practical.


 Pile of INKNIT Shirts

Reorganize and donate.

We’re guilty of owning more clothes than we would like to admit, and we often forget about clothes that we own. When things get shoved in the back corner of our closets, we might as well be throwing them into Mount Doom. As annoying as it is, taking count of all your clothing every 6 months is a good way to make sure things don’t get out of hand. Getting rid of unneeded clothing frees up space (both mentally and physically) for the items you actually want to wear.


 INFKNIT Reversible Long Sleeve for INFKNIT Ways to Wear

Put the fun in multi-FUNctional.

One of our favorite aspects of the clothing we make is that there are #infknitways to wear each of our pieces. The more functions a clothing item has, the more often we are able to wear it.  Our pieces take the place of multiple garments in one, 1) providing a solution for on-the-go outfit changes 2) reducing the consumers need to purchase more clothes and support fast fashion. 


Building a dream wardrobe isn’t easy, but building a versatile wardrobe will put you on the right track to it. We created INFKNIT with the hope of becoming a brand that is an essential part of every versatile wardrobe. We hope you consider us, and the new products we’re releasing soon, when you’re on the search for versatility.


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